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Rotary Valve Maintenance Checklist

Just like your car, you have to properly maintain a rotary valve for peak performance and dependability. All it takes is a few easy steps. Before performing any maintenance step, understand the safety precautions. Observe all warnings and instructions on the equipment and in the operating manual. For maximum safety, electrically lock out the rotary airlock valve prior to performing any routine maintenance step, repair, or replacement. ...

  • Read the operating manual. It's tempting to skip this step, but it helps to understand how the valve components operate, including the motor, drive chain, speed reducers, and any accessories such a flexible seal strips.
  • Visually inspect the interior of the valve through the access door. If your valve does not have an access door, you will need to partially dismantle the valve. Check blade-to-housing and blade-to-headplate clearances and the condition of the rotor, rotor blades, flexible seal strips, housing, and headplates.
  • Check the tightness of the shaft seals.
  • Check the oil level on the speed reducer.
  • Lubricate the motor, speed reducers, drive chain, bearings, and shaft seals.
  • Adjust the drive chain and sprockets, then ensure the guard on the drive chain is in place.
  • Incorporate maintenance guidelines supplied by the motor, speed reducer, and bearing manufacturers into your valve maintenance procedure.
  • Date and document your procedures so you will have a record of all maintenance performed.

How frequently you service your valve depends on how many hours or shifts your system operates per week and on the maintenance schedule for the rest of your conveying system and other plant equipment. Work with your valve manufacturer to establish a schedule that's practical for you.

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