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Abrasion Resistant Rotary Mixer

Kopp Glass, a world leading producer of precision molded borosilicate glass, relies on a rotary batch mixer from Munson Machinery to blend more than 300 glass compositions in unlimited colors. Kopp produces its glass in small batches, typically in the range of 100 to 1,000 pieces. The powdered ingredients are mixed, melted in a pot furnace, then molded by skilled craftsmen. The mixer is a vital part of Kopp's operation. A batch may contain anywhere from five to 15 ingredients that must be mixed thoroughly in order to guarantee product quality. Sand accounts for 60-75% of a formulation and the rest of the ingredients include borax, metal oxides and various other minerals.

Mixer and Ingredients

Wheat for Glue Blended Six-Times Faster with Rotary Batch Mixer

Idaho Milling and Grain has produced wheat flour since 1982 in a process that involves measuring, milling and mixing. But this is not a refined baking flour for cookies and cakes. Instead Idaho Milling and Grain produces an industrial-grade wheat flour that is formulated into a glue extender for the wood products industry.

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Kicking Horse Blends Award Winning Coffee in Two Minutes with Rotary Batch Mixer

From its humble beginnings in a residential garage in 1996, Kicking Horse Coffee has grown dramatically. According to A.C. Nielsen, it has been the best-selling Fair Trade Organic coffee in Canada for 13 years in a row, with a total trade volume of about 99,000 lb (45,000 kg) a week. The company uses only shade grown beans from the best coffee growing mountains in the world to produce 14 different blends of award winning gourmet coffee, with the help from gentle blending of a Munson Rotary Batch Mixer.

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Plywood Adhesive Blend

Rotary Batch Mixer Blends Wood Powders for Plywood Adhesives

For pure blending in high volume, the Willamette Valley Company replaced a Ribbon Blender that agitates material, with a Rotary Batch Mixer that tumbles it. "Our glue customers are very particular when it comes to their ingredients, so consistent quality is important. The ribbon blender did not mix materials thoroughly enough," says Don Coleman, plant manager. "The material, which customers mix in vats in their own formulations, could clog filters and shut down lines if not properly blended."

The Munson Machinery Model 700-TH-140-MS at Willamette Valley blends uniformly in about four minutes, with throughput of 6000 lb (2721 kg) per batch. Capacity of the previous ribbon blender was one third of that amount, and was being outpaced by demand.

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