Conveying, Palletizing and Packaging
A Collection of Papers, Videos, Case Histories and Other Instructional Material for the Bulk Material Handling Industry

Follow a bag through Chantland's Fuji Robotic Bag Palletizer.

The video depicts a customer acceptance test in Chantland's facility prior to shipment. Get a unique perspective with a bag mounted camera as it travels through the system.

Available in four basic models. The low-cost EC-61 uses less energy than a hair dryer and is rated at 8 bags/minute. The high-speed EC-201 is rated at 20 bags/min.

Bulk Bag & Box Filling Scale System in Seed Facility

This video, taken in a seed conditioning and packaging facility, highlights Chantland's Model 4260 Bulk Bag & Seed Box filling scale capability.

Fully Automatic Augar Fill Bagging System

Watch the fully automatic gusset retention bottom-up fill packaging system at work. The Chantland AP2600 can be configured for one or two stations. Optional stainless steel frame components withstand water wash-down.